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Jimbo’s Mobile RV Repair – RV AC Repair

Before you begin RV AC Repair, it's important to know some of the basic parts of an AC unit before you dive in.  These are Capacitors, Compressors, condensers and fan motors. Capacitors Capacitors ...
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Jimbo’s Mobile RV Repair – RV Heating & Air

RV Heating & Air Proper RV Heating & Air is an important part of everyone's RVing experience. Almost all RVs are now equipped with at least one AC/Heating unit, with larger, higher-end ...
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Jimbo’s Mobile RV Repair – Fiberglass and Aluminum Roofing

Last week we talked a bit about rubber roofs and how to properly go about caring for and maintaining those.  While Rubber is by far the most common roofing material for RVs, RV Roof repair is an ...
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