RV Electrical Systems

Electrical systems of any kind or no joke!  Whether it’s in a car, a home, a computer or an RV, there’s serious power behind these systems that can leave you seriously injured when handled improperly. Electrical systems are complex beasts are unstandardized across different types of systems.  The different types of systems, such as automotive systems versus RV systems versus household systems all function in different ways.  The only thing that’s truly standardized across these different types of systems is the fact that they all work in different ways, and that they’re unstandardized!


Even if you have years of experience, electrical systems can still be dangerous.  Unless you have 100% confidence that you know everything about what you’re doing, you should always leave major electrical repairs to the professionals.


While a lot of RV repair services avoid taking on electrical work for fear of it being too difficult or time-consuming, Jimbo’s welcomes the challenge!

Whether it’s a problem that’s as simple as a blown fuse, or something as complex as an issue with your RV’s computer, Jimbo’s can take care of it!


We offer full electrical system inspection and diagnosis, as well as rewiring and replacement of fuses.  We also cover maintenance and repair to both 12 volt and 110/120 volt systems for RVs as well.