RV Roof Repair

RV Roof Repair is one of the most important services that we offer as a company.  It goes without much saying that your RV’s roof is one of the most important parts of enjoying your RV.  Not setting aside some time and repairing it can massively hamper your camping experience if problems with it go unchecked.  In this post, we’re going to go over some of the different types of roofs you can find on an RV and what differentiates them.  We’ll go over some maintenance steps you should perform and how to perform some basic RV roof repair.  As a quick forewarning, you should always consult your RV owner’s manual if you still have it before performing any work or maintenance on your RV, especially RV roof repair.

Types of Roofs


Rubber roofs are generally the most common types of RV roofs.  Additionally, there are two types of rubber roofs, Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer(EPDM) and Thermal PolyOlefin(TPO). Rubber roofs are by far the cheapest, but require the most maintenance out of the three roof types.  We’ll go over these the most, as they’re the most common and by far require the most maintenance

2. Fiberglass

Fiberglass roofs are distinguishable by feeling very hard to the touch.  While typically more expensive than their rubber counterparts, fiberglass roof require significantly less maintenance and are less prone to wear-and-tear.

3. Aluminum

Similar in functionality to a Fiberglass Roof, aluminum roofs require less maintenance as a rubber roof would demand.  Much like Fiberglass roofs, they require less maintenance than a rubber roof but also add extra cost and weight to the RV.  These types of roofs are quite rare and it’s unlikely you’ll find one on your RV.

The Different types of Rubber Roofs, and The Signs You Should be Watching For

When taking steps to maintain or conduct RV roof repair, it’s important to identify which type of rubber roof you have (EPDM and TPO).  Your manual will typically specify which your RV has, but if you don’t have your manual on hand than you can identify it yourself through a few key factors.  EPDM roofs are Ozone-resistant and shed over time; Because of this, they often leave gray and white streaks along the sides of your RV.  EPDM roofs are going to be a lot more slippery when they’re wet, while TPO roofs are much less so.  While these techniques work in a pinch, it’s always best to consult your manual regardless.


While the roof itself may look fine, pay very close attention to sealants around the edges and corners of the roof.  Seams and sealants may shift around as the roof flexes and bends during travel.  You should make sure that sealants are properly positioned and applied.  In addition, make sure you choose the right type of sealant.  A Silicone sealant will peel right up from a rubber roof, wasting your precious time and money.  For a rubber roof, you should always be using a non-silicone sealant such as Dicor 501LSW, which is quite common.  It can be purchased here or at many other stores.


RV Roof Repair

There are a lot of products that you can use for RV roof repair, but usually, common dish soap will often the job done.  The frequency that you should clean your roof varies on the environment, but you should check several times a year regardless.  Alongside Dish soap, you should also be using a medium-bristle brush.  Make sure that whatever cleaner you use is non-abrasive and uses no citrus or petroleum solvents.  These types of cleaners and ingredients cause more harm than good.  If you need a stronger cleaner, please read the ingredients label for all of these ingredients before you put it to use.


Just Remember, Safety First!

More important than anything else, make sure you stay safe while working on your RV’s roof.  Take things slow and avoid trips or falls.  You can never know the exact structural integrity of a roof, so you should always tread lightly.  If you have more damage than can be handled by a simple repair, or are uncomfortable with walking on a roof, call an expert!  At Jimbo’s Mobile RV Repair, we’re happy to perform any work and any type of roof!

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